Friday, August 05, 2011


Crumbs - my fragmented thoughts

Some people just don't get safety. I saw a man this week, riding his bike next to a major street. He had a helmet. It was hanging on his handle bars.

I also saw a girl with a full (knee down) hard cast on her leg. She was riding down a hill on a scooter. I imagined what her parents' reaction would be to that.

I don't understand how people can be so knowledgeable about food allergies and still not have a clue.

This week I went to the deli, by myself, to grab a tuna sandwich. I asked the man behind the counter if they used peanut products. He said, "Nope." I explained that my son has a severe peanut allergy and we don't eat out much. His response was, "Oh, that is so common now. It isn't a big deal these days." I was a bit taken aback. So, I asked him if he made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. His answer, "Oh sure we do. It's a great option for kids."

I went to register my kids' for school this week. I had emailed the district back in May and had received an email response that the district takes food allergies seriously, that they don't serve peanut products in the lunch line and that the schools have a peanut free table. When I went to register, I found that the school we are zoned for has - nada- not one thing in place for a food allergy kid. When I mentioned that I'd like a peanut free table, a response I got was, "Well, he'd be the only kid sitting there." Oh boy.

This morning, my 3 year old daughter asked me to buy her (play) kitchen back. It made me recognize that she really doesn't understand what's happened. I think she thinks I sold it in the garage sale I had before we moved. Hold on, baby, just one more week and we will get our stuff back.

Apartment living is interesting. There are so many different kinds of people in an apartment building. I may be wrong but I don't think neighborhoods are as diverse. I've been people watching -just a bit. Of course, I am sure that people are watching us, too. Lord knows they can hear us.

I am finishing up a short book called "White Rabbit." I am reading it because my daughter (my 3 year old) picked up the book because it had a rabbit on it. Isn't that funny? I walked the aisle back and forth, back and forth (because with all 4 of the kids sitting on chairs at the end of the aisle, I couldn't go far) trying to figure out which books to chose. She likes a book based on the cover and I'm reading it. It isn't half bad, either. It's about a quirky 88 year old lady and it makes me miss my grandmother. The bunny on the cover is cute.

Last year I kept my birthday off of Facebook. My thought was, the people that really know me, know my birthday. I was lovingly chided for not listing it. I think my husband may have even posted it was my birthday in his status. This year, I posted it. And, people have been wishing me Happy Birthday off and on today. It's confusing. My birthday isn't until tomorrow. It says so at the top. I keep checking to make sure I got it right. And that's how I know I'm old. I keep checking to see if I listed my birthday correctly. Oy vey.


Alicia said...

You've really made me more aware about peanut allergies. At my kids school, I am the main one in charge of the lunch schedule/duties. I know there are kid with peanut allergies, so you have taught me so much!

sharon said...

you are so cute. Can I be on the list of people who really love you even though I did not remember that it is your birthday tomorrow?

I'll be praying for you and that whole school/peanut thing. I know you don't want to start over, but maybe you are Esther and have been brought her for "such a time as this" and everyone will benefit by the safety procedures that you will be helping to get in place. I hope you will meet many parents who just need you to get the ball rolling and will be so grateful for you.

Lorinda said...

I checked your birthday on Facebook against my calendar a couple times thinking that all those wishes meant that either people knew something I didn't or that I am old and didn't actually know what day it was!

Brandi said...

LOL - you are cracking me up about the FB thing. I have my bday on there... not the year, of course, but the day. ;) Every year people wish me happy birthday before the actual day and I always check to see if I listed my birthday right too. haha!

Good luck with the peanut allergy stuff w/the school. I will be sending prayers. They just don't know what they're in for yet... I'm sure you will have a peanut-free table set up in no time AND there will be plenty of kids sitting there w/your son. :)

Foursons said...

OK, the helmet and the scooter things are just CRAZY. And I seriously hope that guy in the deli has a smart co-worker. Scary! And I really hope things go well for you at the new school. You may be camped there for a while until they "get it."

momstheword said...

I can't believe that deli guy! Unreal. I also am appalled that the school doesn't already have something in place and I am SO glad that you are there to educate them!!! (How frustrating though)

Moving can be so confusing when they are that age. It can be confusing for grown ups too, lol!

Cinderella said...

Good Sunday morning to you Jane Anne.

Happy Birthday to you, whatever day it is - AND MANY MORE:)

With regard to the bike and scooter rider, and the deli man, and school district : I think a lot of people simply don't THINK. Their thinking is very surface, with no real comprehension of cause and effect or consequences, short and long term.

It's odd, because we all have brains. I'm just not so sure a lot of people use them.

Enjoy 'White Rabbit'. Have you read 'Velveteen Rabbit' a thousand times already to her?