Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank #146

Each week on Thursday I take time to focus on thankfulness. I post a list, which varies greatly in appearance, on my blog. This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

I am thankful for:

1. Sound sleepers: Sometimes I turn up the music at night. Like now. And the kids just keep sleeping.
2. Friends: I have some great ones.
3. Starbucks gift cards: I got one tonight!
4. School Christmas Programs. It's super sweet to see all of the kids dressed up nice and performing.
5. Stride rite: They have the best shoes for kids with wide feet. My 5 year old has "block feet" and I'm super thankful for finding him comfortable shoes.
6. Folded laundry: Seriously, what's better than folded laundry? Oh, right, folded and put away laundry.
7. Grace: When I can't see through the muck I'm sludging through, I'm thankful for grace.
8. Comfy clothes.
9. Teachers: They constantly amaze me. I am thankful for the teachers my kids have.
10. My husband.

That's a small sampling of what I am thankful for this Thursday. Take time to be thankful. It's time well-spent.

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