Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things I think

I think that love is all you need.
I think that different people love different things.
I think that the differences cause strife and feelings of discord.
I think that most people have good intentions.
I think that stress is easy to avoid.
I think that every day can be stressful OR I can choose to accept the good with the bad without stressing over it.
I think one person taking things lightly causes someone else to stress.
I think that I am a forgetful person.
I think I am procrastinating right now.
I think that I want a love-filled Christmas.
I think I want a stress-free Christmas.
I think the song "All you need is love" is pretty catchy.
I think this list is pretty silly.
I think that it is silly to want what you cannot have.
I think I do silly things all the time.
I think I will have a great Saturday this week. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you know who your are)
I think that I just nudged several people.
I think that I should be getting more sleep.
I think that most people have stopped reading already.
I think the ones that haven't are laughing... or not.
I think I've decided to have fun no matter what happens.
I think that my circumstances don't mean a hill of beans in light of Christmas.
I think hill of beans might be a southernism.
I think that I will focus on having more reflective, prayerful time.
I think that I am a terrible gift giver.
I think that I want to do better at showing those I care about how much I care.
I think I have wonderful friends.
I think my family is incredible.
I think I am going to do everything I can to enjoy those around me.
I think I cannot do everything I want to do.
I think I need to stop thinking.
I think I cannot stop thinking.
I think I love to think... and wonder... and wish.
I think all you need is love.


Seth said...

I think I love you.

sharon said...

I think your brain must be tired. :)

John and Carrie said...

I think I love you too!