Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Do you hear that?

Recently, I was with a friend, listening and answering questions. There was so much that I wanted to say. I waited until the right moment to open up. And, as I started, the friend spoke over me about something totally unrelated.

With acceptance, I let go of my desire to confide in someone else. It wasn't the right time.

The friend told me that I was easy to talk to. The friend expressed thankfulness for being able to talk to me.

So, I waited.

Another day came along and we had another opportunity to sit and talk. I waited and decided to talk about what was on my heart. But again, the friend was distracted and didn't even realize that I had something I wanted to say.

They weren't listening to me. I wasn't heard.

And I wonder how many times I am guilty of the same thing.

Do you hear that?
Are you listening to those around you?


Everyone around you has something to say.

Be present in your conversations.



Foursons said...

I catch myself all the time talking over people. I hate that I do it, but it's so hard to stop. I make a conscious effort to listen to others.

Beth Moore said in one of her bible studies that what we talk about the most is what we give the most of our attention to. That was a huge eye opener for me. I had to stop and think if I was putting my blog before God. Scary stuff.

RLR said...

Oh, can I relate! I try to have lunch with a good friend of mine once a week. Some days, I find that I'm the ONLY ONE talking. And when I realize it, I shut my mouth. And just before I do, I say five words. "I'm sorry. It's your turn." She's like a sister to me - so we can laugh about it, and sometimes she'll say "No, you just keep on," (and I know she means it). But I do wonder how often I do that to others - because I know what it feels like, too.
Thanks for a gentle reminder to all of us. And, Foursons - I never thought abuot it that way. Eye-opener....

Beth E. said...

Great post, Jane Anne! We all need to talk less and listen more.