Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aye! Me Hearty was not Happy Long

This pirate was super happy to get new pirate accessories as an early Christmas present.

He was not happy long.

He let his matey (big brother) check out his earring. They were in the bathroom.

The mate dropped the earring into the toilet while he was peeing.

Yes, in the toilet while he was peeing.

You'd think that my buccaneer would have said "Shiver me Timbers!" or "Scurvy Dog!" but instead the ship (house) erupted with the sound of hysterical screaming and crying. The high seas were not calm.

Lesson learned:
If you are a gentlemen o' fortune, do not share your booty with a mate in the bathroom.

1 comment:

sharon said...

oh the joys and sorrows of being a pirate. I once had to fish a headband out of a public toilet after Noelle had used it but before she flushed. It fell off her head as she leaned over to flush. ICK!! Oh the joys and sorrows of parenting kids who drop things in the toilet.