Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I love it when...

Quite often the little things in life are frustrating. Sometimes sarcasm helps...

I love it when I make muffins and the kids say they don't taste right. I insist that they are fine. And, after breakfast, I find the butter in the microwave.
I guess muffins that call for melted butter in the recipe don't taste the same without the butter.

I love it when I recognize someone when I am out but I only recognize them because they are a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook. I'm guessing it would really freak them out if I started talking to them. Most definitely, they would think I am strange.  It is kind of fun to imagine talking to them like I know them. Maybe I am strange.

I love it when I go out to the garage at 11 p.m only to discover the car door didn't shut correctly and the lights that go off automatically when the door shuts are just barely dim. It's best when the car battery is dead when my spouse is out of town. I guess I can call myself spontaneous. My reaction is certainly unpremeditated.

I love it when I realize that a person that I thought was quite a bit older than me is only 2 years older me. This has been happening more and more. I guess I am not as young as I think I am.

I love it when teachers do art projects with glitter. It's oh-so-pretty when the glitter is all over the counter and floor. It's extra special when it's a Christmas gift because you get to enjoy that glitter for a long, long time. I guess it is just the gift that keeps on giving.

I love it when people plan birthday parties during the Super Bowl. It's best when it's a kindergarten age party because those kids really don't understand why parents would want to watch the game instead of go to a place to play arcade games. With tears running down her beautiful face, my daughter said, "But, but, friends are more important than a show...friends are more important than a game." I keep checking the invitation and reconfirming that the party is in the middle of the game, at a local arcade. I guess I am not going to get a 'you're the best mom in the planet' compliment for a while.

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