Friday, January 03, 2014

A Mighty Mammogram

I had my first mammogram on New Year's Eve 2013. My mom has told me numerous times that you should start getting mammograms when you are 40. I wish I could say that I was that on top of it and that's why I had a mammogram. I am never, ever, ever prompt. I did not decide to get a mammogram because I turned 40. I had a concern and it is was the kind of concern that required a mammogram.
I was very nervous. I googled mammograms and had some idea of what to expect.
They did the mammogram. Numerous images of my smashed girls.
Then they did an ultra sound.
I waited in a really nicely decorated room compared to everything else in the breast center. I waited to talk to a doctor.
And then... the nurse came in and said the doctor wanted to do a few more mammogram images.
My nerves latched on to some kind of invisible ping pong ball and bounced out of control.
The images were taken.
The doctor talked to me.
All is well.
I will have a recheck in six months.

The mammogram wasn't as bad (painful) as I expected. There were a few takes that were very uncomfortable. The experience that was the most unnerving was imagining going through it and getting bad news like several of my friends have. I couldn't stop imagining their heartache. It tore me up inside.

It was mighty unnerving- the whole process of getting a mammogram to determine if there is a problem.
The mammogram machine was mighty. I looked at that thing with mutual distain and respect.
I am grateful for the people that work in clinics like that. I don't know how they do it. I know how I felt. They were professional and kind. Mighty kind.

40 just happened to be the time I needed to get a mammogram. I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't needed to. I will go again in 6 months.
The experience left me wanting to take care of myself and stay on top of my health (medical check ups and what-not's).

My two cents- If you haven't had a mammogram, go ahead and do it. Don't wait until you are really nervous about the results. Don't wait and never do it. Take care of your health (checkups included). That's something I am going to do this year.  Looking forward to that oh-so-enjoyable pap smear next week...


Foursons said...

Ugh, I was scared just reading this! I turn 40 in November of this year and somehow it just doesn't seem possible that I'm old enough for mammograms already. Isn't that something OLD people do? I can't be that old yet. *sigh* Where did the time go?

Linda said...

I had my first one when I was about 33. I had found a tiny lump. We found out through a lump removal that it was nothing. Ever since I have gone in every year.
I am proud of you Jane Anne. I am happy that all is well.