Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Thanks Tank #201

What a weird day!

This morning I ran 5 miles. That was the most productive part of my day.
I am not sure who was happier to make it through the afternoon- my kids or me.
It was just that kind of afternoon- the kind where each kid needed my undivided, constant attention. And, if they weren't getting it, they were fighting with each other or just crying or whining.
At dinner, I commended my son for hitting another kid at school.
What? Yes, really. My son got up to go to the bathroom at lunch and returned to half his lunch -the good part of the lunch was gone. In the last class of the day, another kid told him that he ate his lunch. Soooo, my son kicked him. Then, he punched my son. My son punched him back. I've never been prouder. I can't believe I am at this place. But, honestly, my son's been a target for years. He is just easy to pick on. He stood up for himself. It was probably the best outcome for the situation. Neither kid got in trouble. In fact, I wonder if the teacher knew what was going on and just let it play out. (Incidentally, it was a male teacher, and I just wonder if he understood.) It doesn't matter. My son felt strong today. Of course, after this surprising dinner conversation, I was quick to point out that I don't miss much. I noticed his little shiner (it's just a little red, probably won't even visibly bruise). I told him that moms notice everything. I'm thankful I noticed. If not, he wouldn't have voluntarily told us about the altercation.
Tonight, my 12 year old's friend went missing.
He left the house after getting reprimanded by his parents. His parents called my son to see if he was at our house. An hour or so later, they stopped by to ask my son if he had any idea where their son might go. They had called the police to report him missing. It was alarming. He was found safe. His step-mom texted me to say he is okay. Okay -but in a lot of trouble.

It was a weird day.

I am thankful for-
My kids.
Being available for my kids. That includes being there for the fights. Taking my son back to school after school to follow up on something he missed. Noticing the little things... and on and on.
My son being confident.
My son's friend sleeping safely at home tonight- with parents that care.
My husband who encourages me when I feel grumpy. That happened today, too.

Take time to be thankful - On the great days. And, even on the weird days.

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