Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Home of the Crystal Ball

On Friday, my son had to give a 20 minute, memorized, power point presentation to his class. Students could pick any topic for the presentation. Snacks and classroom treats were welcomed but not required. 

My son picked Alabama Football for his presentation.

I was one happy Momma. 

Alabama classroom treats? He didn't have to ask me twice. 

 Football cookies (this is about half of them)

Football bouncy balls and cherry jelly bellies

Incorporated in my son's speech were a few opportunities for the class to practice cheering. He started the speech by getting the class to say, "Roll Tide!" Later, they were led to cheer after he played a few notes of Sweet Home Alabama.

It would be delightful to hear any class cheer for Alabama but it was sweetened by being in a Nevada classroom, which is taught by a teacher who graduated from the University of Georgia. 

He did an outstanding job with the presentation. 

Now I just want football season to get here!

Have you seen this picture? It's floating around the internet and while it is photo-shopped, I just love it.

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John and Carrie said...

Great job David! And you are the coolest mom with those treats!