Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank #193

I am thankful for:

Owning 2 cars. We paid off my husband's truck this month and now we do not owe anything on either vehicle. It's a good feeling.

School Projects. Last weekend all three of my boys worked on school projects. It took up a good part of our weekend. I am thankful for the projects because I enjoy seeing my kids' creativity. I am in the middle of working on treats to go with a 20 minute presentation my 9 year old is giving tomorrow. Maybe I'll share a picture of the treats later.

Daisies. I have a few daisy bouquets adorning my house right now. I love them. Daisies are the happiest flower for me.

The love of a child. All of my children love me, I have no doubt about it. One of my sons is going through a phase that is constantly building me up and melting my heart. At bedtime last night he asked my husband if he could have me come back to his room, "just so I can see her beautiful face." He emphatically tells me that he will love me forever. He also says that I need to move with him when he is older. And since Daddy goes with Momma, "I guess he will have to come, too." I can't even explain it all but this stage is a gift and I am enjoying it.

Productivity. This is a busy day. I am ahead of schedule at this moment.

Amazon Prime. I put in an order on Wednesday. I ordered it with free  2 day shipping, just hoping the small item would arrive by midday on Friday. It arrived midday today.

Yoplait Greek yougurt. The small cups with the fruit on the bottom are fantastic. It is a small pleasure- but a tasty one.

Freezer Jam. I made strawberry freezer jam this week. Very tasty. I cannot believe I haven't done that before.

Date night. Tomorrow night, my husband and I are going on an over-due date. I say that because it's been a while. We'll enjoy dinner out and a concert. I am thankful that I made these plans. I am als thankful that I now have a babysitter that I really like.

Family. My family isn't perfect. There are many things that I wish I could change or fix. However, I am extremely thankful for my family. I am thankful for the privilege I enjoyed growing up. I am increasingly  aware that many in the world have very, very little. I have been given, through no merit of my own, an abundance.

Hugs. I've been getting and giving a lot of hugs lately. One of my kids cannot let someone leave the house without a hug- or two- or three. It is cumbersome sometimes. As in, "Thank you but I really have to go now." I realize that this is another stage that will one day pass. I also recognize that the whole family has begun hugging more.

Flexible Teachers. I am thankful that my son's teacher was flexible enough to put his presentation at such a time that I can be at his presentation and still make it to my other son's classroom open house.

This Thanks Tank. I am thankful I made time to write down a few of my thankful thoughts before the day got away from me.  I am thankful for this afternoon. Dinner is prepared. The kitchen is clean. We are headed to piano lessons.

I thank God for all of this and much more.

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