Monday, February 04, 2013


Today was the kind of day where my cheek stayed stayed sticky for hours. My daughter ate a lollipop and then gave me 11 kisses. I just couldn't bear to wash that off.
It was the kind of day where I was impressed by how many different kinds of people there are in Winco. I am amazed at how different people are from each other- and that's just on the outside.
It was kind of night where the look on Penny's face when she was listening to Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory seemed just perfect. It fit my mood and I don't know why.
Today I pulled out my inline skates. I probably won't be able to walk normal tomorrow. I went skating after my hard bodies class at the gym.
Today my husband put a piece of ice down my pants when I was leaning over. He lived. Amazingly, we both laughed. Revenge or not? Hmm...
Today I worried about my parents. I corrected my children. I kissed my husband.
Today I iced cupcakes and managed not to eat one.
Today, I was relieved when the boy in Alabama was reunited with his family.
It was a grocery shopping day that involved visiting 2 stores. I used coupons. I felt good about that.
Today I had a latte at dinner time and then left for the store when the family was eating. I didn't eat a good dinner. But, I feel good about all of the healthy meals I have planned.
Today I washed another load of laundry. I now have 2 loads waiting to be folded.
Today I made time to write an email.
We found an episode of Duck Dynasty that we haven't watched. I wish that show didn't make me smile so very big.
Today I found a Valentine cookie recipe on Pinterest that made me smile.
I had the same look on my face that Penny did in The Big Bang Theory when Phil took a chainsaw to his grandkids' playhouse on Duck Dynasty.
Today I wondered about the future.
I worked on mud-stained pants. There was so much mud on my son's jeans, I'm not sure that they will come clean.
Today I sent a boy home from my house because he seemed to have a fever.
Today, I laughed. I sighed. I searched for parking place a little longer than I should have.
It was just another day.
It was a good day.

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sharon said...

That was fun.