Saturday, March 30, 2013

I smiled

Today I smiled 

at a girl getting her hair fixed for prom
at her mom who was beaming, clearly excited for her daughter
at our resurrection garden
at my reflection at the salon 
at our disappearing Disney countdown chains
at a an old man buying Easter candy from See's Chocolates
at a picture of my son sporting his first mohawk at age 3
at the silly string that lingers on the side of my house
when my kids turned off their own light because they were ready to go to sleep before we said they had to
when the cute shoes that I bought my daughter fit
at my child who said our house was cold because we had the window open
at my husband
at the thought of the lego man in the tomb of our resurrection garden -because it couldn't be empty- not until Sunday

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samantha said...

I love this idea!