Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank #194

A few things that I am thankful for: 

growing excitement over our upcoming vacation
being able to complete projects

Our Disneyland vacation countdown chain. One chain for each kid and each link has a Disneyland fact.

snow and sunshine (all in one day)
home cooked meals
getting together with a friend
the sound of my kids laughing
our trampoline
praying with my family over concerns
a night off while my husband took the kids to the places they needed to be
a library day with my 5 year old
picking a book for my 9 year old - that he wants to read
recognizing when my 11 year old needs a little grace
coffee lovingly delivered to me when I'm having trouble getting going in the morning
reminders from my kids that I'm old (keeps me well grounded)

being a mom

He dedicated his project to me because - I am his mom.


Foursons said...

194 thanks tank posts! Incredible, just incredible. Nice job! I look forward to #200!

The Disney chains are a cute idea. I'm sure the kids are loving them.

The just doesn't get better than that. No words needed to describe you because you are everything he needs summed up in one word, "Mom."

sharon said...

Again, you amaze me. Did you come up with 30 different facts for each kid? I remember when we went to Maine the first time to visit my sister and we had a "Maine chain". I didn't think to include facts on it. A Disneyland chain is a fantastic idea.