Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank: 196

I've been thinking about my thankfulness all day. It is late but I desperately want to write out some thankful thoughts, anyway. Bare with me, this list will probably be shorter and choppy.
I am thankful. for these things and so much more:

accomplishing a goal - ran my first 5k this past weekend!
healing - all of the kids are back in school, as of Wednesday
MOPS- it was wonderful to make it to the group this week
funny things my kids say
a happy trumpet player- it was wonderful to watch my son having a good time during his concert tonight
flowers starting to bloom
finishing a book - there is something fantastic about getting lost in a book for a few days
fresh fruit - I forgot how much I like cuties.
my husband's job
a call from a friend who had tips to share about our upcoming Disneyland trip
finding out that our local baseball team will have a peanut-free day this year - I will be so much more relaxed at the game
a good listener
setting aside the necessary for the important- I didn't get all of the work done around the house today, but I did play with my daughter
Rainbows - I love them. Still can't believe I caught that shot from yesterday's post on my phone

Think about what you appreciate. Take time for gratitude.

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