Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank #195

This day was not what I expected. 
I stayed home with a sick child. One child was sick Sun-Tues and made it back to school on Wed. Now, another child is sick. 
It wasn't what I had planned. Quite frankly, I was not happy this morning with the prospect of being home with a sick child. When I looked at him, my mothering heart wanted to comfort him and take care of him but when I was not with him, my heart was grumbling. 
My grumpiness melted away as I went through the day... or perhaps it was it as I drank my second cup of coffee
Today wasn't bad. It was a low-key. I moved through the day, being productive, while letting my son rest. I decided to focus on thankfulness and then make a batch of cookies... or banana bread. 
I did part of that... I focused on thankfulness. Then the afternoon got busier and busier and the day turned into night.

I started this thankful list mid-afternoon and I am finishing it just before bed. 

I am thankful for:

chocolate - Even just a few chocolate chips can be perfect sometimes.
appointments scheduled - This week, I got some appointments scheduled that I've needed to schedule for months.
houseplants - I recently grew some spider plants from offshoots from another spider plant. My 7 year old said he wishes we could make our house look like a jungle.
Tylenol - thankful for how it can bring down a fever and bring pain relief 
Our trampoline - My kids and their neighborhood friends spend many hours jumping. I love that the kids like to congregate in our backyard.
knowing other allergy parents - Today is Pi day. Another allergy kid's mom called this week to ask if she could provide a piece of pie for her son and mine when the class was having Pi. What a wonderful treat to have another parent that not only understands the allergy but gets that it is fun for our boys to have the same food as someone else in class.
Strawberries - I love them.
The gym - sometimes I just cannot get exercise in at the "right" time. I am thankful the gym is open late and that I can go at night when necessary. Also, I am thankful for the childcare so I can go and take my daughter during the day.
Silly sitcoms and Laughter - My husband and I enjoy laughing together at a few shows. Sometimes it is the perfect end to the day.
Tulips: I enjoyed beautiful cut tulips in my kitchen for much of the week. I love the vibrant color of tulips.
My Kids Reading Books - I watched my oldest laughing to himself as he read a book today. My second son just finished a book - and enjoyed it. It's a major milestone.

I have these things to be thankful for and so much more.

Let your heart be full of Thanksgiving.
"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4

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Foursons said...

I love that chocolate is at the top of the list.

Everytime I read about a food allergy I think of you. Did you see the story that was trending about the college aged boy who ate a cookie and died?! The worry never goes away. :(