Friday, January 29, 2010

Free-Thought Friday

I have so much on my mind, I cannot think straight. Some of the thoughts floating around are important. Some are not. For your reading pleasure, here are some of my random (insignificant) thoughts on this Friday afternoon.

I did not like my oldest son's homework this week. He had to cut out his spelling words out of newspapers and magazines. He had words like dictionary and memories. He had 11 words. The words were not easy to find in print. The second option of the exercise was to cut out letters and paste them together to make the words. This was a tiresome exercise that left my floor with lots of paper mess and created frustration for my child.

I hate my kitchen knives. They are new. We got them for Christmas. They make me tremble when I wash dishes. Seriously, they invoke fear in me. I carefully sit them next to the sink when they need to be washed and I also sit them next to the sink when they are cleaned (and not dried). I look at them with sheer disdain and literally think, "I will not cut myself again. I will not cut myself again." (Yes, they do cut everything very easily.)

I have been putting in hours and hours of volunteer work lately. I am the PTO president of my kids' elementary school. I enjoy the work. I love the school. It is almost gratifying. I am bothered that as I am getting busier, I find myself longing to be working outside the home. I haven't felt that urge in a while. I am not sure if the desire is real and I don't know what to do with it.

I am thankful for washable paint. If my Thanks Tank had gotten posted yesterday, you would have seen that "washable paint" was on my thankful list. I love crafts with my kids. Yesterday, I had paint on the table, on my kids clothes, and all over them and on my clothes. Now that I think about it, I love washable markers, too. My daughter lovingly colored her face the other day when I was talking at a teacher's staff meeting. (I sure looked like mother-of-the-year as I walked out of the school.)

My husband's "home office" is a disaster. We had the bright idea to move all of the Christmas decorations in that room when we took them down. It seemed perfect. It would give us the opportunity to organize the decorations properly "when we had more time". We haven't done anything. The room is getting worse. The room is pilled with Christmas boxes and tubs. The items not packed away are laying on a card table. The room has a virus. The mess is growing in size. Not only is it not staying in one place, at random times other items have been put the room. I hope to work on that room this weekend. I also hope to never go in there again. (And for all of my local friends, now you know why I run and shut that door every time you come over. It's a dark decoration dungeon).

I better go. I have quite a few things waiting to be done. Plus, I am about to finish a book. (No, not that one.) That parenthetical statement is for a friend of mine. I convinced her to watch the SEC Championship game and the BCS Championship Game and in return I am going to read the 1st two Twilight books. Do you think I will get hooked? It makes me cringe thinking about it (but I am not sure why). I guess that means I will probably love them. It's worth it, I guess, to know my friend was cheering on my team (at least part of the time).

One more thing- stop by Eyeglasses and Endzones to enter a contest to win a scarf, a $10 GC to a movie and nail polish. Such fun stuff!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Foursons said...

Jakob had spelling assignments like that last year and it is horrible. I feel for you on that one!

As far as Twilight goes- I read all 4 of them. When I was done, it was over. I moved on with my life. So it is possible to read them without being obsessed.

momstheword said...

That spelling words thing just seems like a huge waste of time. I'd be frustrated too.

I know what you mean about the work, but just encourage yourself with how important the job is that you are doing at home, and don't cut yourself on the knives, lol!

momstheword said...

Oh, and I haven't read those books nor seen the movie, but some people sure seem to like them.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to ask the teacher what the goal of that homework was? If you do, I'd be interested in what she wanted the kids to get out of that - how that helped either their spelling of vocab skills. At least he learned how to persevere through a difficult and unpleasant task and that is worth something.

Did you recently cut yourself or are you just afraid that you will?

Missy said...

I have one of "those" rooms right now too.

I can't believe she convinced you to read them. I'm still holding strong. I haven't picked them up yet. =)

McCrakensx4 said...

I think that homework assignment was just a busy work assingment...yikes! I hope you get your office cleaned soon...that is no fun to have that nagging feeling, but on the brighter side at least you can shut the door! Enjoy your weekend!

Beth E. said...

I loved this post! It reminded me of the days when my boys were younger. I, too, was involved with the PTA (that's what it's called here). Volunteering is a great compromise when one is a SAHM and would also enjoy working outside the home. With volunteerism, you decide how busy you want to be!

I got scared just reading about your knives...whoa. What kind are they?

I have been on a roll with organizing things in my home. The problem is, it all gets messed up again so fast. We spent days organizing our basement. It's already messy again. The boys are away at college, so hubby can't blame the mess on THEM! lol

I hope you have a great week, Jane Anne. Enjoy every single, messy moment with those precious children. They'll be out of the nest before you know it.


Beth E. said...

P.S. I would write a note to the teacher about that homework assignment...there's gotta be an easier way to reinforce learning to spell those words! Sheesh...

Kimberly said...

Samantha had that assignment as well when she was younger and it was a weekly assignment for months. We don't get any magazines or the newspaper and I finally just refused to have her do the assignment. Instead I had her write her spelling words ten times a piece. It was a ridiculous assignment as far as I was concerned!
So sorry to hear that your knives terrify you. You should talk with Janeen about that - she's deathly afraid any sharp cutting implement!
Keith and I will be home alone for most of the day and we will be tackling boxes in the garage. I'm SO not looking forward to it!
I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying books that I recommended. Have I recommended any books that you haven't enjoyed? And yet you are terrified of The Twilight Saga? This makes me laugh. But I have to be honest and say I'm not sure what you will think of them. I do hope you will enjoy the love story in them!

He & Me + 3 said...

Woo hoo 100 followers for you. That is awesome! Thanks for posting about the giveaway.
I too am thankful for washable paint...having just painted the girls rooms and ruined three outfits...I am wishing I was using washable paint. LOL
Happy Weekend!

prashant said...

I moved on with my life. So it is possible to read them without being obsessed.

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