Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trying-it-Out Tuesday

I am trying out something new this week and so far I am getting good results. I cannot take credit for the idea because I read it in a magazine. I do want to take credit for trying it out, though, because it goes against my nature.

School starts next week. During the school year, we get our kids in bed nice and early. Jonathan's bus comes really early in the morning. It picks him up at 7:15 this year (a whole 15 minutes earlier than last year). Jonathan requires a lot of sleep. At the beginning of last school year we were getting him in bed by 8 and he was complaining every day that he was not getting enough sleep. It was also really hard to wake him up. So, we moved bedtime up to 7:30. It helped some. I wish I could say 30 minutes made a huge difference but I just don't know about that. Anyway, this summer our kids have been staying up till around 9 on most nights.

The idea I am trying: Start the school schedule the week before school. That way, you are transitioning before school starts.

The last 2 nights my kids have been in bed by 7:30. Mornings are hard for me (I am not a morning person) so I haven't been waking Jonathan up at 6:30 yet. Yesterday they all woke up on their own at 7 a.m. and this morning it was 6:45. Yes, it IS early! But, it feels good because I am choosing it and not being forced into it. (My husband says this School Schedule idea is as much for the parents as for the kids! I really agree with that.)


Kimberly said...

I so need to do this but haven't quite forced myself to set my alarm! Next Tuesday is going to be a harsh lesson in reality and I am not going to be a happy camper! I will DEFINITELY require Starbucks!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely an excellent idea and great for both the kids and parents. It just eases you into the new season instead of having it thrust upon you.

Jessica said...

My kids go to bed between 7:15pm-7:30pm every night. I was one of those mean moms that didn't let them stay up this summer. The both get up at 7 anyhow each morning so no transition for us. I will have to try that though before school starts for me! Mostly so I have enough steam to last through the day.

Debra said...

Here's to a beautiful school year for them....and here's to sweet mornings for you. (This said from a woman who can sleep in til 10:30)

Carmom said...

We did this and it has seemed to work for us. Gabriel has to get up at 6:30 and we leave the house by 7:45 for that bike ride to school. I just need to start going to bed earlier myself. And I need to remember to program my coffee maker.