Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Job Isn't Boring

Today I have been:

A Referee
A Chef
A Navigator (to someone lost driving by my house)
A Prisoner (gotta love kid handcuffs!)
A Trash Collector
An Event Planner
A Schedule Organizer
A Personal Groomer
A Disciplinarian
A Receiver of spewed baby food (Elisabeth doesn't seem to like squash)
An advocate of summer (it is sunny and 80 outside with a nice breeze and my kids want to be inside)
A Teacher
A Temptation Resister (been tempted to "eliminate" in some way or another all of the video games in our house)
A Comforter (a few boo boos and lots of hurt feelings)

I have been too busy and taxed by what has been a very demanding day (and it is only 2 p.m.). I am looking forward to calmly cultivating a thankful spirit. For now, I am just going try to appreciate that I am not bored at work.


Kimberly said...

Love this post!!!! A mom certainly does wear many, many hats on any given day!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that so describes the life of a mom. By the way, this morning, the girls were cleaning their room and brought me 2 keys which they told me they accidentally brought home from your house. They said they go to the handcuffs. After your post, I think I ought to mail them soon!

sarah said...

Love this! It reminds me of mary engelbriets "queen of everything."