Wednesday, August 06, 2008

35 Things

Here are 35 things I have discovered during the last year:

1. I can survive without regular trips to Starbucks.
2. I accomplish more being weak and in prayer than being strong and determined.
3. In a small town, going across town is considered a long way.
4. Distance cannot stop Friendships.
5. Fields can be beautiful.
6. It is fun showing the boys “girly stuff” for Elisabeth.
7. Txt msging is fun.
8. I realized (yet again) that giving birth is different each time.
9. It makes me happy to see dolls in my house.
10. Loosing a pet is hard.
11. Riding my bike is refreshing to my soul and great for my body.
12. I enjoy playing the Wii even though I lose to most everyone I play.
13. It is exceptionally nice that my husband doesn’t have PT every morning.
14. I don’t realize the impact I have on other people.
15. I love trying new recipes.
16. I like having cut grass more than I hate having to cut it.
17. I enjoy making school lunches for my son.
18. Cost Co is absolutely worth it.
19. Heath Bars are my favorite candy bars.
20. I have to be unapologetic about being vocal about David allergy.
21. I don’t want my daughter to wear UT Orange.
22. I am a “peacemaker” (according to 2 separate personality tests that I took with 2 unassociated groups of people).
23. Some people have a very incorrect perception of me.
24. Giving my kids individual attention is as beneficial to me as it is to them.
25. I was not wrong about how happy air conditioning makes me.
26. I can sing along to “Feelin’ Good Again” without realizing it.
27. Keeping my bedroom clean is a wonderful priority.
28. I don’t like the idea of a frog loose in my house.
29. I don’t miss traffic jams.
30. Having to take a Driver’s License written exam makes me nervous.
31. Three major life changes (my husband changing careers, moving, and having a baby) created unlimited opportunity for growth as a individual and in my marriage.
32. I miss having Krispy Kreme doughnuts and it is hard to explain to a 4 year-old that we can’t just hop in the car and head to the
”doughnut place” (that is 2 hours away).
33. It is hard to have my bedroom on the same floor as the living room when it is Saturday morning and I am trying to sleep in.
34. The gift of “cleaning the house” for Mother’s Day is a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
35. I hate making resolutions but I love setting goals.


Carmom said...

Sorry about the UT orange. Though my Elizabeth did wear it.

I failed the written driver's exam when we first moved up here by one. I was in a panic because my TN drivers lincense was expiring in two days and I couldn't take the exam again for a week.

IT always amazes me that driving across town is considered a long distance to go. Though there have been times I have thought that. But I often drive across town to the grocery because it's is much nicer than the ones close to me.

John & Carrie said...

We love you!

Kimberly said...

Happy 35th Birthday my dear friend! I'm so glad that distance hasn't deterred our friendship!
Much love to you on your special day!

Jane Anne said...

Carmen- I feel terrible about that UT comment. Honestly, I more or less like to give Seth and my mom a hard time about Elsie not wearing the UT clothes. It was fun getting those clothes (and more fun giving Seth a hard time about it!)

Amy Jo (and Greg) said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! You have been in my thoughts all day long. I hope you have a wonderful day and year!

Amy Jo said...

Oh! And Seth better spoil you rotten!!! And even though you can survive without Starbucks everyday, you'd better not go without today, young lady!!! :)

Carmom said...

Jane Anne,
Don't worry about it. I was just trying to give you a hard time too. It was really Matt's idea, just so you don't quit reading my blog. I can understand you not wanting Elisabeth in Orange. Just put her in the pink that might be easier to handle. Just ignore the Tennessee on it.


seth said...

Carmen- you're crazy! that girl should wear UT stuff every single day!!!

Oh- and happy birthday, Beauty!

Patty said...

35 great lessons and #3 is so true! That's how I knew I'd been here too long--I stopped jumping in the car and running to CostCo and started worrying about having to go "across town". (But I still get sort of depressed the times when I realize I've gone all week without leaving this town!) Hope you had a great birthday and at least made it as far as Starbucks!

Jessica said...

I had so much fun reading these!