Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #53

My heart is happy and my head is full of thankful thoughts. Here are some of them:

1. Extended Warranty: We had car trouble this past weekend. On Monday we discovered that our extended warranty covered the work.
2. My baby girl resting her head on my shoulder: Elisabeth was pretty tired this afternoon. She missed a nap. She was so sweet laying her head on my shoulder.
3. Kid JOY: It is satisfying to watch the kids the put everything they have into playing... EVEN when it is in a stuffy and VERY loud McDonalds playland.
4. Sunshine and Rain: I am thankful for the blue skies we saw today after 4 days of rain. I have finally figured out how to feel thankful for the rain... my grass is looking nice and green!
5. Girl Time: I am about to go out to a late movie! I have been getting some quality girl time this week because my friend Kim is visiting. It is refreshing and fun, fun, fun!
6. Swimming Lessons: Tonight was the last night of swim lessons this session for my kids. I have just loved watching them in their lessons. They have loved it and it has been fun to watch them play and learn.

That's it for now! I am off to the movies. Woo hoo!!!

1 comment:

Pam said...

I love your perspective on the rain. It does yield some gorgeous lawns. Mine is drab and almost brown from another pretty dry summer here.

I really enjoy reading your list of blessings each week, Jane Anne.

Hope the movie was a good one, but even if it wasn't . . . girl time is so restorative. I miss that so much here.

Have a great weekend!