Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Packed Lunch

Jonathan started first grade today. I didn't expect it to be as big of a deal for me as it was. After all, kindergarten breaks the school milestone. Seth and I were really nervous last night and this morning. Most of our concerns were about Jonathan being in a new school where he wasn't confident about the procedures or expectations. He had so many questions for me yesterday that I couldn't answer. As I tried to reassure him that his teacher would tell him what to do, I wondered how he would handle his uncertainty. Jonathan seems to thrive on knowing the rules, expectations and being early. Anyway, Jonathan got to class just fine (though we were in and out of the building trying to figure out where we were supposed to be). We were plenty early. When I came to pick him up, I wondered if he would be out front. I told him I wondered if he knew where to go and he casually said, "Oh, I didn't but I figured you would pull up to get me." (He was, of course, in line with a group of kids with adult supervision and direction.) The day went great! One of the more exciting things for Jonathan is that this year he gets to go to school all day. Last year he was in half day kindergarten (which is pretty standard out here - or at least in WA and OR). Today was a half day because every Wednesday is an early release day. The difference between this half day and all of last year is that he ate lunch at school. He was very excited to use his new lunch "box." In fact, as he was eating breakfast he jumped up from the table and pulled the lunch out to see what he was going to have. I grabbed the camera as quick as possible. It was adorably cute to see him so excited but it was even more meaningful to me as a mom. As I was packing the lunch, I was blown away by the "packed lunch milestone." I packed my first packed lunch for one of my children! I had never even thought about packing lunches for my kids- or at least how it would feel. It was fun! I think I was totally cheesy about the whole thing-- taking extra joy in packing a pirate napkin and lego fruit snacks. Am I the only mom who has been surprised by this milestone? Am I the only mom that gets sentimental about these things?! It doesn't matter. It sure made me feel something special as a mom. This is a big week for me (and maybe Jonathan, too!). Today was his first day of 1st Grade. Tomorrow is his first full day of school. Friday will be his first day riding the bus (though he is trying to convince me to let him wait until next week). No doubt, I will have the digital camera on hand at all times!


Carmom said...

I love all of those first we get to experience as parents. It doesn't stop after infancy, they just keep on happening!

Another good idea for his lunch box would be a note from you or Seth every now and then. It will be a good surprise for him and remind him you are thinking about him. I look forward to those days. Gabriel is in half day Kindergarten this year but it is only 2 hours long! Less time than preschool was.

sweetronna said...

That is the coolest lunchbox I have ever seen! There will be many more milestones and each one is better than the last. I probably won't be saying that when Brandon becomes a teenager. I'll have to keep him away from the dandelions. Ha Ha. Take care you guys. I miss the witty banter.

PS Happy Birthday David!