Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Family Friendly Flights Act

If you recall, I was astounded by the in-flight movie on our flight back East to visit family. My sister passed on information to me today about the Family Friendly Flights Act. The bill calls for airlines to create a kid-friendly zone on airplanes. The bill was proposed by Democratic Rep Heath Shuler and Repulican Rep Walter Jones, both from North Carolina. In one article I read, Jones was quoted as saying, "This legislation will be one avenue to help parents take back their right to determine appropriateness of content to which their children are exposed."

Beyond the article my sister forwarded me, I found this NY Times article that specifially mentions the movie Fracture that was shown on our flight. (Of course the Continental rep claims that the movie shown is an edited one. Whether it was or wasn't, what I saw was not appropriate for my kids.)

I couldn't be more thrilled about the new legislation. Of course, I have to hope it will get passed and that the airline prices for a kid friendly section aren't higher than regular coach. At the least it is good to know that there are concerned parents out there and congressmen that care!

(Thank you, Carrie, for passing this info on!)

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Carmom said...

I saw something about this on our local news last night. I didn't catch who it was but one senator said that it should be left up to the airlines as to what movies to show. I disagree with this. This is another one of those times that I feel if you can't walk away because you don't like what is going on then it shouldn't be allowed. I hope that makes sense.