Friday, September 28, 2007

Pregnancy Update

A couple of weeks ago I had the normal pregnancy glucose test. My results from that came back high. Yesterday I had to do a 3 hour glucose test. It was tedious for me because I cannot stand to have my blood taken. I had to fast for 8 hours (not too big of a deal since I went first thing in the morning and the fasting was at night). Then, I went in and the lab drew blood. I drank the sugary solution (not sure what that stuff is-- I suppose I could look it up but if you have every been pregnant you probably know what I am talking about) and then they took my blood every hour.

I am thankful (oh so very thankful) to say that I found out today that my lab work came back normal and that I do not have gestational diabetes. I took the whole thing as a wake up call to start eating less sugar. I changed my diet a bit from the 1st test to the 2nd and I could tell a difference in how my body felt.


Carmom said...

If you are like me and you like the mochas at Starbucks then you will have to cut back on some of those.

NO, just all the other sugars. That's what I would do :)

Glad to hear everything is good though.

breaking free said...

I have studied just a little bit about Diabetes lately and the stuff you drink is called Glucola by doctors. Basically you drink glucose AKA sugar.
Glad it all came back normal. I'm still so excited that there is another Owen girl coming into the family:)

Kimberly said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out normal. God is good. What do you have 6 weeks left? That's not very long!!! =)

Melissa Guay said...

I'm one of the weird ones that actually enjoyed the taste of the Glucola. :) Glad to hear the test went well though!

Amy said...

I am SO glad that the test went okay and everything is normal. Thank God for that. Diabetes, even gestational, is not easy. Lots of love. :)

Matt said...

Sugar is evil.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how easy it is to change your levels through eating--as you found out. I was throwing up four times a day for the first four months when I was pregnant last year. About the only thing I could keep down was junk food. And the first test was borderline--but since it was on the good side of the border, my doctor didn't make me take the three hour test. Then later in the pregnancy when my measurements were off, they made me do another blood test. This time the results were awesome. And by that point in my pregnancy, I was past the throwing up and only craved healthy food. I, too, was so thankful that I didn't have gestational diabetes. My sister-in-law had it and it was fun or easy.
It is fun to get the pregnancy update from you!

Anonymous said...

I was just noticing on your "LilyPie" calendar, that you have only 35 days left in your pregnancy! You always go early, so that means you could go anytime now! Are you ready??? (That really went fast!)