Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #12

I hope you are having a great day. My morning is starting off relatively quiet so I am going to try to get my thankful thoughts down before the house gears up with noise.

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for this week:

1. Church: We visited a church in our new community on Sunday. It was a blessing to be back in church. Everyone was so kind and friendly. It was such a reminder that we are all (no matter your location) a part of a much bigger church.
2. Eating at Home: After traveling, moving and just having a totally chaotic home, I have gotten back into the swing of cooking our meals each night. (I am so tired of fast food!) Nothing tastes better than homemade food (even if it is my own). My kids have even been extra complimentary.
3. A Prayer Calendar: This week, I found this Calendar and I am thrilled with how it is giving me a direction to pray for my kids.
4. Starbucks Coffee: I know, how many times can I be thankful for this?? But wait, I was at the only Lebanon Starbucks (at Safeway) last night and I asked if the barista new if we would be getting another Starbucks in town. According to her, we should be getting a DRIVE-THRU Starbucks – possibly in about 6 months. I am so, so thankful!!
5. Problem Free Bus Riding: Jonathan has been riding the bus for 5 days now. He was very nervous and I was very nervous. It has gone smoothly.
6. My Parents: My parents celebrated their anniversary this past week. I am so incredibly thankful for them and their dedication to each other.
7. Finding a Doctor: I went to the doctor last Friday. My pregnancy is going well but I was quite nervous about finding a doctor once we moved. I am so thankful that I feel at ease with the new doctor and clinic.
8. Nights with my Hubby: One of my favorite parts of the day is at night when I sit around and just talk to my husband.
9. Flowers: I have a few flowers right now (in my bedroom, in a pot on my table outside, and some day lilies in our yard). I am enjoying their beauty this week.


Peach said...

Oh Jane Anne, I loved this list.

We've only been where we are for a little over a year, so I can relate to most of your list.

I so remember the joy of cooking at home again after moving and eating out so much.

My parents celebrate their 45th anniversary next week. Dedication like that is so unusual in this day and age. I am so grateful for that, too.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing the calendar. I printed one out. What a great way to quietly and dilligently bless your childrens lives. Now I just need to make sure that I do it!