Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thanks Tank #155

Today, I am thankful for:
  • my husband's job
  • my kid's laughter
  • a clean kitchen (and the sound of the dish washer washing my dishes)
  • music
  • an upcoming concert
  • flip flops (ya, I know- who am I?)
  • swim lessons for the kids
  • Google (because it allows me to find info for our move)
  • getting doctor appointments
  • friends that will watch kids
  • a great time visiting with a friend and letting the kids play
  • glow in the dark fingernail polish (I bought it for my daughter but, seriously, it's so funny when you get in bed and forget that you have it on- ya, my own fingers startled me)
  • fruit (especially cherries right now)
  • Pigtails on my little 3 year old
  • Pizza
  • Breakfast for dinner (which is what we had tonight)
  • A quiet house when the kids are in bed
  • My kids telling me stories about their school day
  • Encouraging my son as he writes a paper
  • An email from the school district where we are headed saying they are a nut-free district
  • the smile on my son's face when I told him that the school we are headed to will not serve peanut butter or peanut products in the lunch line and that they already have a peanut-free table set up ("nut-free" means they don't serve it, kids can still bring it to lunch)
  • the excitement of my peanut allergic son's brother's when they heard about the school not serving peanut products
  • the sadness I feel about leaving the school the kids are in now. I am thankful for the sadness... because of what it means... amazing teachers that care.
  • Chocolate (it's a love-hate relationship- but even with the calories there is more love than hate)
  • Lists
  • Cold Water
  • multiple kids wanting to say the blessing at dinner

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

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Seth said...

and once again, my thankful list starts and ends with you.