Monday, May 23, 2011

Food Allergy Thoughts This Week

My son's food allergy is not something we just focus on during special occasions. It's something that we concentrate on daily. Here are my food allergy thoughts tonight.

Every so often, a food allergy is beneficial. Oh, not really. But, I always to try highlight the positive. Today my son's class got individual treat size M&M's as a reward. My son got a regular size Skittles. He didn't mind.

A few weeks ago, I called an ice cream manufacturer. Much to my dismay, the ice cream cartons do not contain a peanut warning but there is a peanut warning online. THAT is ridiculous. I called to voice my displeasure. They responded by appreciating my input and sending me a gift certificate for a free carton of the ice cream. What? Maybe their customer service representative wasn't really listening.

I am still eating peanut butter Reece's eggs when the kids are in bed. I might have stocked up on those a little too much when they were 50% off.

I continue to be touched by the kindness and forethought that people show with regards to my son's allergy. I have had school volunteers go out of their way to make sure my son gets a safe reward. I have had friends make sure to provide safe treats. Just the mere fact that my son's teacher keeps skittles on hand for my son because the coupon for free pizza is for a pizza place that isn't safe, makes me smile.

I had a unique opportunity to meet with another peanut allergy mom whose son will be starting kindergarten next year. It brought back memories. Starting school is such a trying time for parents of food allergy kids.

This past weekend, I couldn't attend an event because I didn't plan for it. It was an event with food. My options upon remembering late the night before were 1) pack my son his own lunch 2) buy something the day of the event and pay for it (meaning extra expense) or 3) just miss the event
I couldn't go. I didn't have the energy for it. Sometimes, it just sucks. That's the honest truth. And, I know everyone doesn't always understand.

I wish my local stores carried sunbutter. Soybutter is carried at Wal-mart. We don't like it that much.

I brought way too many cupcakes to the soccer party last week. But, it was my first time using thawed frozen cupcakes in addition to the fresh batch I made. It was helpful to have those frozen cupcakes on-hand. I will make cupcakes again soon so I can have frozen treats as back-up for events.

I went to pick up some raisins this past weekend for a family picnic we were having in our backyard. Instead of raisins, I grabbed some yogurt covered raisins as a treat. When I got home I read the label and it says, "May contain an occasional peanut." That's pretty specific and pretty darn scary, if you ask me. None of my boys would touch them.


Jenny said...

So many parents don't even think about what the food they are giving their children includes. I am so impressed with how you have taught your PA kid to read labels and I am thankful for the opportunity to provide safe snacks because it teaches us, and my kids how to be conscious of other's needs.

Lindsay said...

Aaah, food allergy thoughts. I like that you try to highlight the positive with your son, and that his school is supportive of his needs. Lastly, I think that ice cream company needs to better educate their customer service staff about when (and when NOT) to offer free products! Maybe one of these days I'll post my latest food allergy throughts. That's a good idea! :)

Mimi said...

What a terrifying allergy to have. I'm 43 & I just don't remember kids having these kinds of allergies when I was growing up.

Hugs & love,

sharon said...

Well, it's almost hilarious that they sent you a coupon for free ice cream. Hello! Were they even listening?