Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #88

35 things that I am thankful that I have suffered through (or am still suffering through)

1. trying to fall asleep to the sound of snoring
2. my oldest son wearing orange
3. Robert Earl Keen music
4. wrestling matches in my living room
5. Squirt lovers in my family
6. Watching someone get excited about Tennessee beating Alabama
7. Dillano's coffee instead of starbucks
8. having a pickup truck with a T on the back of it sitting in my driveway
9. dating long distance (at rival colleges no less)
10. nudging someone so they don't snore during church
11. needing air freshener spray or candles
12. football trash talk every October
13. my youngest son getting a mohawk
14. getting beat on every Wii game we own over and over and over
15. finding the seat left up
16. mornings with a morning person
17. listening to someone quote Johnny Cash songs
18. going on trips with a nervous traveler
19. encouraging my son's love of UT when her husband was deployed
20. watching my sons learn to love to pee outside
21. adjusting the thermostat again
22. seeing my husband show my kids how to sled down the stairs
23. counting down until the one I loved returned from war
24. hearing "it just slipped out"
25. watching kids stay up until 2 a.m. on video game night
26. listening to someone claim to be an authentic Texan when they only lived in Texas for 6 weeks
27. a few too many episodes of "Dirty Jobs"
28. being on the loosing end of a nerf gun fight
29. arguing if you are supposed to pronouce syrup as "sirup" or "surup"
30. learning over and over that late is everything beyond being early
31. the first half of Anchor Man
32. allowing someone give my son a knife as a present
33. jokes and stories about bodily functions and noises
34. seeing my precious baby wear orange
35. listening to someone younger than me complain about being old

It's my husband's birthday today. He's 35. I am very thankful for him.

If you have an extra minute, hop on over to his blog for a serious birthday list:
My 35th Birthday List


John and Carrie said...

Neat two are an awesome couple!

RLR said...

You both have great lists! I have a 'themed' Thanks Tank this week, too. Hop on over when you get the chance - and Happy 35th to Seth!

Carrie said...

Those are so great! It's hard to be thankful for trying to sleep through snoring some nights {i get to hear it in both ears...thanks to Emily getting in our bed almost every night!}

But if I didn't have that snoring...I wouldn't have them! Love this list!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love this idea. Great job. I was cracking up over number 7...the coffee one.
What is wrong with orange? Did I miss something.
The it just slipped out was hysterical too. LOL

Carmom said...

I loved your list today. This was different and very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Heehee, I find humor in the fact that you made a list of things you have to SUFFER through on your husband's birthday! Especially since most of the list seems rather tongue-in-cheek.

It's been great getting to know you these past months, I have enjoyed your kids so much! You and Seth are doing a great job, and I admire you both!

Pam said...

Loved this list this week, Jane Anne.

Happy Birthday to Seth!

You're a good woman to let that orange into your household . . . though I can't understand how you lived where you grew up and didn't bleed orange yourself. ; )

It was hard to do for me only living there seven years, and I swore I'd NEVER wear orange. Here I sit today, still owning a UT sweatshirt in my closet. Ha!

Kimberly said...

awesome thanks tank list!!!! i don't know that i've ever known a better couple suited for each other!!! you guys rock!!!!!

Sneaky Momma said...

Great list!
I mentioned REK in my latest post, too, but from a different perspective! :)

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Great list, sounds like my guy might have somethings in common with your birthday boy.

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! He's 35?!!! Still a baby! He's got a loooooong way to go to catch up with my hubby! LOL

I can relate to so many of these:
1, 11, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 24, 29 (surup), 33, and 35!!!

Hope your holiday weekend is a great one. :o)

Seth said...

Sneakymomma Jill- You and your husband are welcome at my house anytime!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Hey Jane. So glad you came over to visit me and the five moms today. I'm meeting so many great people with these ladies. Love the list. Sometimes I take the little things for granted. Thanks for reminding me that even the little things of everyday life should be treasured. I look forward to getting to know you.

Take care,

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun list! I too have seen way too many wrestle events in my living room and living with 3 boys, we have lots of bodily functions exploding around here too! Happy Birthday to you hubby!