Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #86

I am thankful for my mom.

I am thankful for our mother daughter relationship.

Here's a picture of her painting Elsie's nails.

I am thankful for the life skills she taught me.

Here's my mom working with Elsie in the pool.

I am thankful the memories I have of my childhood (like getting to "help" in the kitchen).

Here's my mom with 2 helpers in the kitchen.

I am thankful for the way she loves me and loves my family.

Here's my mom (and dad) with my kids.

These are a few ways that my mom makes me smile. I thank God for my mom.


Trisha said...

What a sweet post! She sounds like a wonderful mama!

Have a Happy Mother's Day Jane Anne!

Alicia said...

I loved the pictures along w/ your post!!!

My favorite is the nail polish one!!!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

That was so sweet.
Mom's are the best. I never fully appreciated my mother until I became one myself...

cbogie said...

I'm curious to know how Elsie dealt with the painted toesies! She looked inquisitive when they were getting painted!