Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #42

Here are some ways my Thanks Tank is being filled this week:
1. Dirty Hands: My boys and I planted some sunflower seeds yesterday. (The package said they were kid-sized sunflowers. I cannot wait to see them!) It was fun and exciting for the boys. I got joy out of seeing their little hands play in the dirt.
2. Community Pool: The boys have been taking swimming lessons there. I swam laps there this week. I am so thankful this little town has the community pool!
3. Humility: I needed help this week. It is hard to ask for help. I am thankful for humility and the condition of the heart that it brings.
4. My body: I saw this picture on Jessica’s blog and wow- what a wonderful reminder that our body’s are amazing! (By the way-Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

5. Exercise: I have started exercising again (aside from the daily lifting of children, that is!). It feels wonderful!
6. Allergy Editorial: My friend Sharon emailed me a link to this: “A Plea for My Daughter” I can relate to it so well, I am probably going to email it out to people I know. That’s why I am thankful for it—it is another way to share about dealing with food allergies.
7. Kisses: I am thankful for the kind of kisses that make boo-boos better.
8. Confidence: This week I experienced failure. I am thankful that I can renew myself and find confidence in God. (Proverbs 3:26- For the Lord will be your confidence and keep your foot from being snared.)
9. Cleanliness: I have been cleaning extra this week. I am really enjoying the results!

As always, have a Thankful Thursday and a thankful heart!


Kimberly said...

Wow! i read the article you linked and what a moving description of what it's like to be a parent of a child with allergies. Though this is a horrible and unfair thing your family has to deal with I can't wait to see what the end result will be in David's character as he grows up. He is already sensitive by nature and I think that this will help grow that sensitivity and compassion and make him a truly remarkable man!

oh and keith is going to work on getting our wireless working again so that we can get online and "race" you guys on mario kart!

sarah said...

I am learning to appreciate dirty little boy hand. I also am loving how little boys (maybe girls too) love to jump in mud puddles. The Lord is giving me new appreciation through a child's eyes.