Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad Cares

He cares. I have always known that he cares about me. He cares what is going on in my world. He cares about my struggles. He cares about my triumphs. He cares about my feelings. He cares about my future. He cares enough to call. He cares enough to pray. He cared when I was a teenager. He cared enought to let me struggle. He cared enough not to let go. He cared so much that he gave me wings to fly on my own. My dad cares. He carries me on my rough days. His caring propels me on my best days. Without his careful and precise attention, I would not know how to care so well for my children. He cares. He cares enough to pass on his faith to me. My dad's care gave me a glimpse of my heavenly father's ever-faithful and merciful love. My image of God is tinted by the caring heart my dad showed me. His loving care is responsible for much of who I am today. I am incredibly grateful for my dad.


Seth said...

I hope I have the same effect on my daughter over the next 30+ years.

Tom said...

Jane Anne, what a beautiful tribute to your father, a person I have known before you were born; a person I have respected and admired and have been privileged to call a friend. It is so very wonderful that you made the time(I read your explanation of "Gravity of Motion") to write this note.

We had a great visit with your parents this March on our annual trip to FL.

Tom & Renda McDonald