Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boys and Dirt Go Hand in Hand

This weekend the boys and I made "Dirt Cake". I found the recipe when I was looking for something fun for Jonathan to make for his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner. He was supposed to make his own dessert. He ended up getting sick and not being able to go to the dinner. So, I saved it for later. This past Saturday we had a relaxed morning and the boys were still in their PJs in the afternoon. We had our snack time and I suprised the boys with making the Dirt Cake. It was a really fun activity. The best part of making the dessert was smashing the oreos!! I have to tell you my boys had a blast crushing the oreos. Jonathan didn't end up liking the dessert (too rich) but he said he loved making it. David and Thomas could have eaten it until they had belly-aches. I simply loved the joy it created for the boys.


Melissa Guay said...

Okay, I LOVE the look on Thomas' face when he's smashing the cookies - he is so into it!! :) What a fun time - your boys look like they ALL enjoyed it - way to get those boys in the kitchen!! :)

Carmom said...

Back when I was teaching we had a dinner for the parents. The kids helped to make the entire meal. Our dessert and table decoration was dirt cake. The parents were surprised to find out we were eating the "plants". The kids loved surprising them.