Monday, June 25, 2007

We're excited, too!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement about our little girl on the way! I have to say that I appreciated all the comments so, so much. Seth could tell you (along with a couple other of my friends) that I was a bit obsessed with checking the blog for comments all weekend. It was fun and exciting to get notes from you.

We are excited, too! We have been planning for some time to have 4 little Owens. It was quite easy for us to imagine four little Owen boys. I didn't spend much time thinking about what it would be like to have a Owen girl. Truth is, it was only a week or so ago that I admitted to myself that I was hoping for a girl just a bit. Seth and I were absolutely in shock during the ultrasound when the Tech said, "All I see is girl parts." I really couldn't hear anything she said for several minutes after that. And, I felt a lot of emotion when I found out. I didn't set out hoping for a girl so I was surprised just how emotional and elated I was with the news. Since that time, certain aspects of having a girl are sinking in slowly. It is the silly things like looking forward to watching Cinderella (my favorite Disney movie) with my little girl for the first time or thinking tonight as I picked up the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, 'maybe I WILL just look through the girl section'.

The boys had quite funny reactions to the news that we are having a girl. (See "Ultrasound Quotes" on Seth's blog) David had never said anything about whether he wanted a girl or boy so his comment was quite adorable. Jonathan seems to think 'girl stuff is yucky' and he has had that opinion for a year or so. This little sister is probably just what he needs! And, tonight as I was trying to explain to David that I don't have a willy but I don't pee out of the same place I poop, I thought, this little baby will be a bit eye opening for the little Owen boys!!


leigh ann said...

I posted some pics for you on my blog in honor of your baby girl to be. Maybe they'll bring a smile to your face. Or at least freak Seth out, and that's fun too! :)

Krista said...

Wow! A little girl! How exciting! We are so happy for you! I'm sure the boys will love her after they get over the shock of her "differences" from them! ha!
Thanks for all of your postings. I am pretty new to this blogging thing (I know I'm WAY behind!) but I really like it. Give everyone big hugs for us! I sure do wish we could all hang out again! We love you guys!

Kimberly said...

So, Jane Anne, I have a question for you. After starting to set up my own "blog", I couldn't think of a thing to write about. So my blog is just sitting with nothing written on it. I thought that I would ask you about the possibility of "stealing" your baby belly for my blog? :)