Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #2

What I am Thankful for Today:

1. A quiet house. My house is quiet – void of screams and arguing- and it is pure bliss. Nothing is more soothing to me that quiet calm. (I’ll confess that I allowed the 2 oldest boys to play video games during Thomas’s naptime for this peaceful retreat. Today it is so worth it!)
2. My Starbucks trip. I love getting coffee through the coffee drive-thru. What could be more enchanting that getting whistled at in the Starbucks drive-thru line? This hasn’t happened before and it was quite startling this morning. No, really, I heard the whistle, ignored it because I didn’t think it was for me. Then, my cell phone rang and my husband let me know he was right behind me in line. (That’s a great coffee trip… and not bad for being at work in the Army, either!)
3. Playdates. We had a wonderful MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) playdate this morning. I am thankful for my MOPS group. I am so thankful for the friendships there. I am also thankful for this day’s ice cream playdate! It was so fun and my boys had a blast!
4. Summer. Jonathan’s last day of school was yesterday. I am thankful for the relaxed schedule of summer. I am looking forward to summer activities and not having to plan around school. (For all my east coast friends that have been out for over a month, can you believe my summer is just starting!?)
5. Family and Faith. I am thankful for my family. I was talking to my dad this morning just for a few minutes. When I asked him what he was up to today he said he had been reading in Ecclesiastes. It was wonderful just to hear that. I am thankful for the faith of my parents.
6. Faith of children. There is nothing more refreshing, is there? This morning I was listening to my “Feels Like Home” Norah Jones CD. Jonathan was questioning the words of “Creepin’ In.” When I recited the part he couldn’t understand, “And once it has begun, Won't stop until it's done” Jonathan got real excited saying, “I know, I know!! This song is about God. My thought at that moment was, ‘this ought to be interesting.’ He went on to say that it is like when God created the world. He kept making things until he was done and when he was done he rested. It is so beautiful to see your children think of God in unrelated circumstances.
7. Nature. This morning, I looked out my bedroom window and saw 3 deer. They were across the street, walking slowly around, and ignoring the cars slowing down (either to look at them or to ensure they wouldn’t bolt out infront of their car- I am not sure which).

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Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for friends that you feel so comfortable being with that at any given moment you just invite yourself and your family over and know that they will welcome you with open hearts and arms (and refrigerators/freezers)! How blessed we are to call you our friends!!!
Thank you!