Monday, June 18, 2007

Tree Update - Part 2

Here's the rest of the story. One day last week (while Seth was still out of town) we went back down to the park (formerly known as the 'park down the street' now known as the 'tree park'). It was one of those peaceful days outside. It had been a painful afternoon. The boys started fighting and arguing as soon as Jonathan got in the car after school. I needed space (and ear plugs!). When one of the boys suggested riding bikes to the park, it seemed like a welcome relief. They rode around the paved sidewalk that went around the park and I sat reading a novel. I could finally hear myself think again. In just minutes, Jonathan went over the fence and began climbing the tree. Then, much to my surprise, he says, "Hey David, you wanna come climb the tree with me? I'll help you... It'll be FUN!" At that moment, I felt absolutely frozen. My oldest son was offering to help his brother? These were the same brothers that not 30 minutes before were tattling, berating and physically trying to hurt each other. This was also my precious 3 year old. Beyond that, I DID NOT want to be climbing over the fence making a rescue (I mean something about climbing over the fence and into the nice tall grass--pregnant--did not sound fun). What could I say? In a split moment, I made a decision (that for the next 20 minutes or so I thought was a very bad decision). I said, "Okaaay, David, you can go. But, I AM NOT going to come over the fence to get you. Are you SURE you can do this?" (What confidence I instill in my children, huh?) Of course David said, "YES!! YES!! YESSS!" He went over the fence and the boys had a blast. They were so happy. Jonathan encouraged David every step. He even encouraged him to go places (like under the tree) that Jonathan had not gone before. I kept thinking about what it would be like taking David to the emergency room with a broken arm. And, no, it was no accident that they left their helmets on this time! My little adventurers came over the fence victorious.

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The loser in the Tree Expedition was Thomas. He is my fearless child and I believe I may be in for some challenges with him as he grows and explores. As I was taking pictures of Jonathan and David, Thomas managed to pull his bike over to the fence and climb up on it. He was very upset when I continued to insist that I was NOT going to let him go over the fence.

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Carmom said...

Poor Thomas. I guess he'll just have to wait until Daddy gets home to climb the tree.

You sure are getting braver. Good for you!!

Kimberly said...

I'm proud of you! It's really hard to let go sometimes and let our "babies" grow up. You are doing it with grace and style!