Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

I got this idea from another blog. I cannot help it—what a great idea! I need to be more thankful for the little things in my life. I am going to try to take a few minutes each Thursday (and hopefully more often privately) to write down what I am thankful for that day.

On this Thursday I am thankful for.

1. Getting to appointments early. We got to swimming lessons early so everyone was totally relaxed. Getting somewhere on time is nice but getting there early is like a breath of fresh air. I also got Jonathan to school early. The boy loves to be early and LOVES to be first in line to go in for Kindergarten. It is always nice to bless him with being early.

2. Getting that Grocery store trip fit in my busy schedule without any meltdowns. I spent much of yesterday trying to plan a good time to run to the store today. I was out of some of the basics. The 2 youngest fell asleep on the way to kindergarten. It was not optimal timing normally but worked out well for a trip to the store during Kindergarten. With only 2 in tow, they both fit nicely in the "car cart".

3. Getting a “I’m thinking about you” phone call. It brightens my day. I am always hesitant when the phone rings b/c my house is rarely calm enough for me to talk on the phone long. Those quick calls are such a blessing (especially when hubby is out of town!).

4. Unsolicited compliments from my kids. Wow, I got a “Momma, this is delicious” at dinner tonight. It was quite surprising and very heart-warming.

5. Two-year-old Hugs and Kisses.

6. My 6 year old breaking into a prayer (closing his eyes tight, clasping his hands together) the moment I told him a cut on his leg might be getting infected.

7. Confidence in Prayer. I am thankful to know that I can pray, be heard, and pray and listen.

8. Finishing a good novel.

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Peach said...

Great list! I don't mind a bit that you took the graphic. It is free to use whenever. I'm just glad you are taking time to share your thankfulness here! What a treat for me.