Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank #191

I am thankful for: 

salad: I've been making salads everyday for lunch this week.
a quiet house: every once in a while the house is quiet
a noisy house: I love the sounds of the kids playing together, the trumpet being practiced, music from multiple ipods (okay, where are those earplugs- I mean earphones!), the sounds of a ball hitting the floor (how many times a week do I say, "take the ball outside"?), the yelling kids on the trampoline, the two 6th graders working on a project... I live in a noisy house
my jump rope: Wow, jumping roping is good exercise! I set the timer today and it's challenging to jump rope for a set amount of time. 
being caught up on laundry: Oh shoot, that moment was yesterday. I'm not behind and that's really nice.
pomegranate martinis: my favorite. Sometimes the perfect ending to a stressful day.
nighttime chats with my husband: my absolute favorite time of day is at night when the house is quiet and we sit and talk, often for hours.
praying with my oldest: My husband and I prayed with my oldest son tonight. We sat together, holding hands- praying for him and for the weekend. It was beautiful. 
my phone:  I love my iphone.
recognizing my faults: why is it so easy to see the faults in others? I am thankful for those moments when I realize that I am flawed. I mean, those moments when it is painstakingly obvious that I have missed my obvious flaws. I have a long way to go.
church: We joined our church in November. After not having a church home where we live for more than year, it is really nice to belong to a church family.
a perfect climbing tree: as in, a tree in our yard, positioned right straight out from my kitchen sink window, that my son loves to climb. I don't know how many times I've thought, "where is he?" only to look out and find him in the tree.

Here's a picture of my son, as I saw him today through the kitchen window:

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