Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday Thanks Tank #190

Written on Thursday, posted on Friday- here is my Thursday Thanks Tank for this week~

I am thankful for:

snow flurries
birds enjoying my bird feeder
returning to our pre-holiday routine
A new Bible study
cooking breakfast for my kids
the joy of kids destroying their melting snowman
new recipes
my new dutch oven
my father's hug
a new day for relationships that are torn
the fun of watching my team win the BCS Championship
heaven and the knowledge that a loved one is there
friends that will let me sleep at their house on a moment's notice (the day before)
a new appreciation for a size tall at Starbucks
Sweet Home Alabama
hearing my 5 year old daughter spontaneously say, "this has been a great day so far"
needing shoes for a growing boy and finding the right size at the first store
being on time
time alone with my son
Sweet tea
being productive


Amy Sullivan said...

Ahhh, snow flurries ( I am dying for a few!), breakfast for my kids (we had loaded eggs this morning), and sweet tea (can I run it through my veins?) are also favorites of mine!

sharon said...

So excited to make the list!! You could have given 5 minutes notice and I still would have said "Come on over!"