Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thanks Tank #166

I am sitting on my back patio listening to the crickets chirp. I am in a reclining chair, wrapped up in a quilt my mother-in-law made. The night is peaceful. I can hear the clattering of dishes. My husband volunteered to do the dishes tonight. I surprised him with a new recipe for dinner. We had BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches. They were pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. I found the recipe while surfing on Pinterest. The chicken is cooked in the crockpot. I simply love crockpot dishes that turn out well. The recipe didn't suggest to shred the chicken for sandwiches. A commenter made that recommendation so I went with it. Anyway, maybe I'll pass that recipe on. It was simple and tasty.

I had the best kind of day. It wasn't the kind that will be remembered for years to come. It was an ordinary day full of beautiful moments.

Coffee brought to my bedside.
Laughter when I was so tired I fumbled around trying to make the kids lunches.
A good run.
A great swim.
Sweet conversations with my 3 year old.
Giving away packing paper to someone who is moving.
Time to complete a surprise dessert.
Playing at the park.
Tickling with giggles in return.
A beautiful afternoon for watching soccer practice.
My husband getting an errand done for me on his way home.
Dinner with the family.
A very messy chocolate kiss from a 6 year old.
Hugs from my boys.
Putting neosporin on a bad scrape and wiping away the tears.
Reading the latest issue of Southern Living in a relaxing spot on a peaceful night.

It has been a nice day. I am thankful for every bit of my ordinary life.


sharon said...

That day sounds delightful.

Pam said...

What seems ordinary can be viewed as "extraordinary" in the retelling. Sounds wonderful to me, too!

Foursons said...

It sounds beautiful, even the scraped knee part. And yes, please post the recipe. I am looking for crockpot recipes. My last one was an epic fail.