Monday, September 19, 2011

Independence and Grace that Never Fails

Every day my 6 year old reads to me. It's part of his homework. We usually do this after dinner and often right before bed. Tonight, he read to me in his room. My 8 year old and my 3 year old were playing. My 10 year old was reading. We were settling in for the night.

At some point, my 8 year old decided to do something else. My 3 year old grabbed an opportunity to try something without asking.

She decided to to shave like Daddy.

That razor that was by the sink this morning- the one that I thought my husband was taking with him on his trip- was right there for her to use.

Suddenly in the middle of helping my son sound out words, I heard the cry that makes a mom jump up and run.

"Moooommaaa! Momma!"

She was walking down the hall. Fear was dripping from her eyes. Blood covered her chin and was all over her hands.

I grabbed her, wet some tissue and began to clean her up. She had "shaved" her bottom lip. She bled and bled. The cut wasn't too deep. It was just deep enough to bleed a lot. It was also in a sensitive spot.

I comforted her. I talked to her about what she did. I gave her my love.

I was thinking over the incident when I remembered - grace.

She tried something without asking. She knew she wasn't allowed to touch the razor. She saw an opportunity and she took it.

She asserted her independence.
And then she felt pain.

She didn't hide. She didn't hesitate. She did not wonder what I would do.
She came to me.
She knew I would be there for her.

I wonder what keeps me from acting like my child? I go my way- this way and that- until I hurt. I entertain myself endlessly with the computer, books, chores and what-not, and then I wonder how long I will stay on the island.

I need child-like dependence, in spite of immaturity.

I need to remember that grace is not a one time gift.
God's love is unconditional- thousands of years ago, yesterday- and right now.

I can come to him, messy with the effects of wasted time, a lack of discipline, or limited faith. I can always come to him.

God's love never fails.

Lamentations 3:22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.


Cinderella11pm said...

Poor little girl!

And yes, yes and yes, Jane Anne!

She learned a lesson - and is safe and secure in knowing she can come to you and you will be there for her.
And THAT is invaluable for a child.

And with that, your insight connected that experience in its gamut to your once again seeing that God Grace and Love is always there for you when you reach out to him too:)

Very wise.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great way of looking at the situation. It's a teachable moment for all of us.

Poor little love! I hope she's ok and won't try shaving again for long, long time!

samantha said...

OH NO! my lip is killing me now. Hope it heals quickly

sharon said...

I was cringing reading this and knowing where it was going. So sad and so many good lessons learned. You are a good Mama!