Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Crumbs - fragments from a slice of my life

If you leave a helmet in the sun, it will melt. This is not something my kids experienced when we lived in the great rainy NW. The upside, the kids are really good about putting up their helmets now.

We went to a hot air balloon festival on Sunday. I could claim that I wanted to take the family because I thought the kids would love it. I love hot air balloons. I took around 150 pictures and I cannot stop looking at them.

My kids have a lot more homework at their new school. It's great. I think it will help the oldest develop discipline. My second is excited about having extra work. My third son is already benefiting from the daily individual attention with reading and writing. What I cannot figure out is how to help 3 kids with homework and make dinner at the same time!

My Craig's List surfing hobby netted me a patio table and six chairs this week. I got them for 1/5 of the cost they were new at Pottery Barn. I love eating outside with my family. I really love that I got a great deal. It only adds fuel to my desire to be more thrifty.

I've been thinking about going to the Nevada Art Museum. I'm looking forward to going. But, I also know that nothing can compare to creative exhibits in my own home. I ate breakfast with a 3 headed monster this morning. He was created before school by my six year old. Luckily, he didn't eat me.

If you follow a four mile bike ride with an omelet and a latte, is it okay to still feel good about the health benefits of the ride? Just wondering. The combo is a nice way to start the day.


Brandi said...

Yikes on the helmet!

The patio furniture is a total score! It's fabulous!

You are cracking me up with the bike ride followed by the omelet and late. At the very least I think they cancel each other out. ;)

...Never mind - 4 miles? I think you're still ahead even after the omelet and late.

RLR said...

Loved your crumbs today - except about the helmet!
I am also working on the balance between homework assistance and cooking dinner. And evening activities. And decent bedtimes.
I think you at least broke even with the bike ride!

Cinderella said...

One balances out the other, so it works fine:)

Yikes to the helmets melting in the sun!

Nice score on the patio table.

Salty Mom said...

Love your new table! We had the same experience w/ our helmets. I bought the ones that are like motorcycle helmets and those are OK if they get left out.