Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thanks Tank #159

Each Thursday I try to make a list of my thankful thoughts. Sometimes I jot it down on paper, sometimes I share that list here, and other times I just highlight one or two things that I am thankful for. This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

I am thankful for this and that- my thankful thoughts are all over the place tonight- big things, small things - there are so many things to be thankful for!

My Thankful List:

Facebook: I know- everyone loves (or hates) Facebook. But, today I am thankful for it because I liked the community page of the town we just moved to weeks before we moved. By doing so, I found out about soccer sign ups and I was able to register my kids. Soccer practice started this week.

The pool: The apartment we've been staying at has a pool. This has been a life-saver for me. We love it.
Me at the pool this afternoon

Two of my boys at the pool this afternoon (Yes, it was crazy- 95 degrees and we were the only ones there!)

My Mom: She birthed me, she nurtured me, she taught me, and she loves me still. Today is her birthday. I am super thankful for her.

Friends: It's been a long week. I've been a bit... um, lonely. I've looked through pictures over and over and I have some amazing friends. I miss them all. I know I will make new ones in this new place. But, still, I am very thankful for all of my friends.

The week is almost over. As funny as it seems, this week was really long because my husband was out of town. Oh, I know he's been working away from the family for the last 9 months or more but this week seemed super long to me. Maybe it's being in a new town, not knowing anyone, being in an apartment with four kids... maybe it's that. I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday!

Sarah's Home! My niece came home from the hospital on Tuesday. I am very thankful that she is home and recuperating. I am also extremely thankful for the prayers from friends that were lifted up for her. She has a ways to go to recover from the surgery. And, we are all still waiting on the results from tests and her recovery. (Keep praying for her to be free of pain!)

Group pictures of my kids. My kids have willingly let me take lots of pictures of them lately. I love getting group kid and family pictures. Here's the one we took for my mom today while we were at the pool.

I had more- many more- thankful thoughts today but I am getting tired and I want to go read my new book.

Take time to be thankful. It's time well-spent!


Pam said...

So glad Sarah's home and recovering from her surgery. Continuing to pray for the best outcome possible.

Thrilled that you're getting the kids involved in community activities already. That is the ticket to making friends for all of you -- in addition to finding a good church home, too. I will pray for both.

Lastly, what are you reading? I've just started the latest Karen Kingsbury, which makes my family cringe because I am essentially unavailable until I'm finished. : )

Have a great weekend, Jane Anne! I'm posting Thursday Thanks Tanks again finally if you'd like to drop by!

sharon said...

How'd you like your last book??
Loved all of this post. I just got caught up on your blog after being out of town for a couple of days. It was great to check in and see three new posts to read!