Friday, July 29, 2011


Crumbs - my fragmented thoughts

Honeysuckle shrubs are delightful to kids. I forgot how wonderful they can be! I shared the ability to find the nectar with my kids and now we must stop each time we pass the honeysuckle shrub.

Sometimes I want to delete the Like button on Facebook. I want to post something bold or completely trivial and not give anyone the ability to like it. The more I think about that I realize that means I want to say something without a response... better just go back to talking to myself.

My kids keep pretending to be Smurfs. Their games make me feel both old and young again at the same time. I was 8 when the Smurf TV show aired for the first time. Saturday mornings consisted of getting up early to watch cartoons. Whoever got up first (I am one of 3 girls) got to choose the channel but it was always turned to the Smurfs when the time was right. I had a Smurfette pillow that I slept with every night. It was so long ago... I'm glad the Smurfs are back. I hope the new Smurf movie is cute.

My hair is finally long and I want to cut it. This morning I was thinking about dying my hair. Right after that I began to wonder if I am having a midlife crisis.

There's something endearing about the first three minutes of snuggling in (a double) bed with 4 kids. It gives way to "Ow!"s and "Stop!"s and yet I know one day I will miss moments like this:


Cinderella said...

Being able to write whatever yyou want and not worry about a response is very freeing. Sometimes I forget that the most important thing is to write for me - instead of trying to please someone else.

Honeysuckle smells lovely:)

Your kids are very creative with pretedning to be smurfs. Good shows are eternal!

Dye your hair and have fun with it!
As for the midlife crisis - why not? (LOL).

John and Carrie said...

Great post! :-)

Cinderella said...

Just came by again to say thank you for leaving all the nice comments on my blog - what a pleasant surprise to find this morning:)
I added you to my links, Jane Anne.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Pam said...

Use one of those Natural Instincts that washes out in 28 shampoos or so, then you won't be tied to it forever. : ) I'm the same way about growing out and cutting my hair -- every time it's longer I want to cut it and as soon as it's cut, then I want it long again. Just my 2 cents worth, but you look so pretty either way. I was looking through your FB photos the other day and thought you are truly a person who looks great w/long or short hair. ; )

Alicia said...

LOL..I could totally relate to all the kids being in the bed, and enjoying those moments!!! I know one day my almost 8 year old won't want to sleep with us anymore..LOL!