Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surgery Update

Update yesterday afternoon from my brother-in-law John:

Sarah made it out of the OR. The doc put in a few more stitches (on the inside) in the same area that he did in March.
The only real out of the ordinary thing he found was a lot of swollen/large lymph nodes on the mesentery (artery around the intestines for you pilot types)
They took some biopsies, and scratched their collective heads as to why the nodes were there and in that condition.
More to follow. We see this as an opportunity to show that God fixed her not the doc.
She has a feeding tube, IV tube, epideral, and catheter in her right now (and probably for a few days).

Update this morning from my sister, Carrie:

Don't know what to say...surgeon found more questions (stuff that didn't look right), biopsies were taken, other stuff ruled out. Sarah is in a lot of pain (unknown if it is just recovery related or if old pain is gone/still there). God is here. My Lord loves her more than I do.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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sharon said...

What a precious girl. It must be so hard for your sister and brother-in-law to see her in so much pain. I'm glad they are able to trust God to love her even more than they do.