Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday Thanks Tank #158

Each Thursday I try to make a list of my thankful thoughts. Sometimes I jot it down on paper, sometimes I share that list here, and other times I just highlight one or two things that I am thankful for. This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

I spent time off and on today being thankful.

Here are my thankful thoughts:

1. Book Club: Tonight was bittersweet. I went to my last book club here in Oregon. What a fantastic group of women. I love this group! I am thankful for it because it provided me a fun night once a month, without responsibility or obligation. Also, because the women are from all sorts of walks of life and beliefs, it provided me with thought-provoking discussions. (I will really miss this group!)

2. A successful garage sale: I had a garage sale last weekend. It went wonderfully. I sold more stuff than I should have (yep, I've had to apologize to 2 kids for selling something that I didn't ask about selling) and sold some stuff that I can't believe I sold (wow, I am amazed at what people will buy and take... so thankful to get rid of that lawnmower that hasn't run for about 2 years!)

3. MOPS friends: I have been surrounded by a wonderful group of women these last 4 years. I haven't been as involved this past year and still, some of the ladies wanted to go to dinner before I left. It was thoughtful of them and very kind. I love my MOPS friends!

4. Donations: I have been giving stuff to a few people. It makes me want to do it more often. Quality items, given kindly, can really bless others. (It also makes me want to take inventory more often. If I am not using it, can someone else use it?)

5. Starbucks cards: I was cleaning out a junk drawer (oh-how-I-wish I didn't have junk drawers) and I found a Starbucks card with $10 on it. $10!!

6. Friends. Wait, what? Didn't I already say that? Well, yes. But, I am thankful for some friends that watched my kids for me a couple of weekends ago so I could have a weekend away with my husband. It was extra nice. We were in our new-home-to-be (or town-to-be) and it was nice to check things out sans kids.

7. The end of this single parenting chapter. Lord have mercy. I doubt I will sign up for single parenting again! My husband will be here this weekend and we will be headed to our new town this coming week. I am ready to be a family again. I am thankful for the unity we've had while we have been apart. I am even more thankful that we won't be apart any longer.


sharon said...

I don't even know what to write. Something encouraging for your new life? Something about how much you will be missed? I'm not finding the right words. Just know how much you are loved. You touch people everywhere you go. Your next town is so lucky to get you. And the women who will become your new circle of friends don't even know the blessings God has in store for them. I bet you will be an answer to prayer for them even as God answers your prayers for this new chapter of your life. I'm glad you will all be together again. And, I hope you will have easy access to Starbucks in your new town.

Mimi said...

What great things to be thankful for. I hope your move goes smoothly.

Hugs & love,