Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sarah Update

Thank you for your prayers. I'd love continued prayer for a smooth recovery. The recovery will be a bit more prolonged because she had a different procedure than planned. The hospital stay could stretch to the 5-10 day range, but it depends on how fast she recovers.

Here's an update from my brother-in-law about Sarah's surgery:

The Doc did not do the Nissen (tie the stomach around the esophagus) procedure. When the Doc went in, he took a look around and noticed that Sarah's intestines were not all in the right spot. She had what he described as malrotation of the intestines, but not the normal malrotation. The intestines were in the right spot enough to "look good" during all the normal tests that would diagnose this, but there was a lot of twisting of both the intestines and the blood supply to the intestines. So the Doc fixed the malrotation which is considered the worse of the two conditions.

The good news is that the malrotation was found and fixed, and the doc is confident that this could have been the cause of the pain. Only time will tell, since there are a lot more variables involved now, we should know better in a few months. If this did not work, then we might be back in the boat of doing the Nissen procedure down the road sometime.


Beth E. said...

I'm so glad that Sarah's surgery is OVER. Trusting God for her complete and total healing. :-)

Jeanne said...

I totally missed this, but I am so, so glad she is doing well, and they hope that this resolves her problems. What a beautiful little girl she is! My son had a nissen performed at 6 months due to a hiatal hernia caused by a diaphragmatic hernia. He had both repaired nearly a year ago and had a g-tube to keep his stomach in place. He's doing beautifully with the procedure, so if it does come to that for Sarah, I hope she does just as well! Prayers going out to her!