Friday, March 18, 2011

Moments that Matter: Following Through and Sibling Relationships

He yields to others. He is thoughtful. He cannot stand for other people to be upset. He is ultra sensitive. He is happy when those around him are happy. Sometimes he regrets giving in to his brothers when he realizes he didn't get or do anything he wanted.

This day has been his.

His two brothers got grounded yesterday from video game time today. This was a hard punishment for me to give because the boys have not had any video game all week. They have waited for the weekend for their game time. On top of that, this is the Friday before spring break. In other words, spring break started today.

My oldest sulked all night and again as soon as he saw me after school.
My youngest son cried quite a bit last night.
I am a softy but I managed to stick with the punishment (and not allow them to earn their game time back).

I decided to rent movie to celebrate spring break and cheer everyone up. In retrospect, I should have considered that the kids would want to rent a Wii game. I had no reason not to let them rent a Wii game (or 2).

My 2nd son has played the rented Wii games all afternoon, while his brothers have watched (and laughed, directed, and complimented).

I asked my son how it felt to play when they couldn't. Sheepishly, he said, "It feels good."

~ ~ ~
Moments that matter
Today has been about following through, which is hard for me, and sibling relationships.

Following through: I am happy with myself for enforcing the rules and following through with a punishment. I wish I were better at discipline.

Sibling Relationships: My son has been the center of attention all afternoon. It is good for him. The situation put him in a unique place. He needs the respect of his brothers. His brothers: 1 likes to lead, 1 likes to be the center of attention -it's good for them to take a step back.

That's a snapshot of our day and our muted start to spring break.


Foursons said...

I have a hard time not letting the kids earn back whatever they lost too.

Good for you for sticking to your guns and yay for the son who needed to feel special!

sharon said...

It is so important to follow through. It is so hard as the parent to stick to it. We desire to give and to please and to bless, but it is a blessing to them to know that there are standards and consequences. It's so much easier to learn that know than when they are older. Good for you for sticking to it! You can all celebrate when it is over.

Seth said...

Thank you.

Beth E. said...

Good for you! It can be hard to stick to your guns and follow through, but you did it...and the children know you mean what you say. :-)

I'm glad your son got to have a special day!