Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Movie

I just did something I hardly ever do. I watched a movie. It's even more remarkable because my husband is not here. He's a movie guy. He wouldn't say that but if you quote a line from a movie, he usually knows it.

I watched a cute flick- The Switch.
It was pretty good as far as chick flicks go.

I finished the movie and thought, 'Thank God it was a good.'

On Friday, I took all 4 of my kids in blockbuster to rent movies and I got yelled at. It was so startling I cannot even tell you what the lady yelled.

My free spirited son was touching the movies. He was just touching them- as he quickly sauntered by.

Apparently, the shelves can fall easily.

The lady yelled ~ at me.

It was weird.

The shelf didn't fall. The movies were hardly moved. My son was walking quickly by the shelves- faster than I wanted- which is why I was looking at him when the manager raised her voice.

It's been a long time since I have been yelled at by an adult. I felt berated. Stunned. And then I thought, 'Lord, that lady needs a good dose of my kids. I might just walk out and leave them with her.'

Instead, I grabbed a move (The Switch) and gathered the Owen Troops at the counter to pay.

Next time you judge someone - or are tempted to yell at them- take a minute and rethink it.

I'm just sayin: I was a half a second from goin' psycho single mom on her.

I'm just sayin' someone's bad behavior might be good behavior.

I'm just sayin' a kind word about something that needs to be changed is much more effective than anything yelled in frustration.

Ah... The Switch... cute Jennifer Anniston movie. Thank Goodness.
If you are up for a chick flick that makes you smile at the end, The Switch is a good movie to rent.


Foursons said...

No way- I'm shocked she yelled at you. I understand not wanting to pick up 500 movies but yelling wasn't necessary.

Anonymous said...

Still laughing!!!!! Leave your kids with her...there were many times I wanted to leave a place and without my kids! Good thing we love them so much....I think you should really teach her a lesson...sugar them up and go back for a repeat performance!
Patti b.