Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank #142

Is it really Thursday night? Oh my! What a week! You know, when you are single parenting, life with 4 kids feels like a circus. I am looking forward to the weekend (and *sigh* so are the boys because they aren't allowed to play video games during the week anymore). Oh, another thing, when you are with kids most of the time, you tend to ramble any chance you get... apparently that includes on this here blog. I might write a bunch of this and that- a whole bunch of nothing. Of course, I might not make it through the list. I sat down on the couch and suddenly I am very sleepy.

If you happened to have just dropped by, every Thursday I make a thankful list. Most of the time I post some of my list. Sometimes I just focus on one or two things from my list. And, there are times where I post a pictorial list. No matter how I post it, Thursdays are days for me to spend extra time focusing on thankfulness.

Here's this week's thankful list:

1. A good dentist appointment for my son: He ran into a tree holding a nalgene water bottle in his mouth. The day it happened, his mouth was a mess (oh, it looked so painful). But, the dentist appointment was good. His teeth are okay. Now we watch and pray for a lack of infection.
2.Transparency: I had an opportunity to chat with a friend this week. I enjoyed good conversation and honesty.
3. One-on-one time with my kids: I'm employing a new method for one-on-one time with my kids. It's just been this week- but every day one-on-one time with my kids is priceless!
4. Great start to Kindergarten for my 3rd son: He's enjoying each day. It's refreshing to hear him excited about his day.
5. "The Challenge of the Disciplined Life": I'm reading this book. I'm not too far in but it's... challenging me.
6. Rules: Yes. I am thankful for rules. I'm liking the order of our school days more and more. I'm enjoying the effects of new school time rules (like no video games during the week).
7. Rules: Yep, again. I am focusing on the 1st Commandment this week. I've decided to memorize the commandments (and I've started it with my oldest). They shouldn't be hard to memorize. What's hard is applying the intent to my daily life. This week, I'm on #1 (Have no other gods before me). This quote by John Wesley has been riveting to me this week: "Whatever is loved, feared, delighted in, or depended on, more than God, that we make a god of."
8. Phone calls. I tend to miss calls. (**Hey sis, I really wanted to call you back today.) I appreciate each call. This week each friend (and family member) that has called has made a significant difference in my day. (Oh, and email... thank you for checking in on me.)
9. Impromptu playdates: Back to the dentist appoint- That day, a friend emailed to see if my oldest could spend time with her son after school. Then, I checked with another friend (who happened to live in the same neighborhood) and my daughter went for a playdate. Both middle boys had dentist appointments. I've never been so grateful for the ability to listen and talk to another adult (the dentist) without interruption (from the 2 year old- not so much the 9 year old). Those 2 playdates were arranged that morning and they really, really blessed me!
10. The Gift of Time. Twice this week, I had friends take my daughter while the boys were in school. The first time I went grocery shopping alone. The 2nd time, I didn't work on a to-do list. I just had time for myself. Tremendous gifts. I am so thankful.
11. Music. It's relaxing. It's therapeutic. And, sometimes, it's the only thing that gives me enough energy to get the dishes done at night.

I hope you've had a fantastic week so far! Take time to be thankful. It's worth it!


Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your lists. Thanks for posting them. I'm glad you were blessed in so many ways this week and that you take the time to recognize and appreciate it. If you are still up, go to bed and have a great night of sleep. Saturday is almost here!

sharon said...

Hey, that anonymous comment was me! Oops.

Also, when you are not so sleepy, tell us more about your new one-on-one method with the kids.