Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #59

Today I stopped everything and enjoyed a rainbow. It was one of those afternoons where rain showers would blow in and out. The clouds were moving relatively fast. When I noticed occasional sun breaks, I started checking out the sky for rainbows. I love rainbows! When one appeared, I stepped outside to enjoy it. I stood under our gazebo and listened to the soft sound of the drizzle, took in the smell of the rain, and watched as the rainbow gradually became brillant. In the moment I see a rainbow, I am reminded of God's promises. Today I thought about how God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). I am so thankful for that! (Here's a picture of the rainbow from the front of the house.)

Here are some other ways my Thanks Tank is being filled:

1. Sweet Pleasures: My boys got really excited about getting some candy corn tonight. (I was excited to give it to them. It takes a bit of extra effort to locate a bag that does not have a peanut allergy warning.)

2. Color: I love the colors outside! Our world is such a beautiful place. I love the colors of Fall. I also love my pansies.

3. Strawberries and Bananas: For the last 2 nights this fruit combo has been a part of our dinner. It is so yummy!
4. Coffee: I have been able to enjoy several lattes this week. Yum!
5. Quiet: My house has been quiet ever since I got the kids in bed. The radio is not on. I am not listening to CDs or my IPOD. The TV is not on. I am listening to the sound of nothing. I LOVE it! (My hubby would be going crazy if he was here!) The next few nights are going to be so incredibly peaceful.
6. Quilts: I have a lot of quilts in my house. The finished quilts are a sum of love, friendship and memories. I have the quilt that my grandmother made for our bed as a wedding gift. I have the very first quilt my grandmother ever quilted. I have a quilt that my husband's grandmother made. I have a quilt that my mother-in-law made for my living room. We have a quilt that was made to honor Seth's service in the Army. Now I have a quilt that was made for Elsie from the women at the church. I look at this quilt and I think about all the women that made it. I am thankful for each one of them.

7. My unique children: I appreciate when I can recognize the ways my kids are different. They can be SO different. One day this week, Thomas drew all over his hand and his arm (the picture does not do it justice because you cannot see the inside of his hand, which was much more colorful). He was so happy and proud. A minute or 2 later, David got some ink on his thumb. He was devasted. We had to go wash his hands right away.

8. Baby Playtime: I love playing with Elisabeth and I love seeing Seth play with Elisabeth. I am still struck by the fact that he missed this time when Thomas was a baby.

9. Pictures: I take pictures of everything (as you can tell from this post!). I love my pictures!

Thanks for stopping by. Spend time being thankful. You have so much to be thankful for!


Kimberly said...

loved seeing all the different pics of things that are filling your tank. it certainly adds something to be able to not only read about it but then see it as well. enjoy your quiet evenings while your hubby is gone. my house is so much more LOUD. dishwasher, washing machine, dryer - w/o keith here in the evening I'm actually getting some work done!

Amy Jo said...

Two things: Seth and Greg are alike in that respect! I love the quiet and it drives Greg crazy! If we ride in the car together and I don't have the radio on, he throws a mini temper tantrum! :) And I LOVE fall for all of the colors. It is by far my favorite season and I see so much beauty in everything. Oh! And I'm like David in some respects. I cannot stand to have my hands dirty.

Pam said...

I love, love all the photos. The last one is my favorite, after the rainbow, of course.

Your list encourages my heart today, Jane Anne. Thanks so much for faithfully sharing what fills your tank each week.

Loni said...

Can you tell me what brand those candy corns are? Every year I have trouble finding nut free candy corns as well, and my daughter loves them!

Jane Anne said...

The Candy Corn is Blueberry Hill Foods brand. It is the only kind I have found that does not have a nut warning. I find it at the Dollar Tree.
And, Food Allergy Buzz has done a lot of research on the safety of the candy corn. The lastest email (10/4) from the company clears up the difference in allergy statements.

Loni said...

Thank you, Jane Anne! I will stop by Dollar Tree tomorrow. My daughter will be so excited!