Friday, October 17, 2008

Thankful it's not Thursday

I didn't get to make a thankful list yesterday. I am thankful today. I am especially thankful it is NOT Thursday!

Thursday was one of those days.

  • It was the kind of day when your kids fight, then argue, then fight some more.

  • It was the kind of day when you give 2 of your children a big bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon with toys just hoping it will help them play nice.

  • It was the kind of day where you realize that bubble bath and fighting kids lead to a great big mess.

  • It was the kind of day when your baby wants to be held constantly and definitely does not want to take a nap.

  • It was the kind of day when you show up for the soccer game you wonder why your kid is the only kid that has a yellow shirt on. Then you come to find out that everyone but you and 2 other players from the team (that showed up after you) thought the game was the day before and didn't call to find out which was correct Thursday or Oct 15. (Thursday was correct... but it is hard to play with 3 players. We had a beautifully confusing scrimmage as part of the blue team.)

  • It was the kind of day when your button pops off your pants (at the soccer field)after you pick up your 5 year old to swing him around. You realize the button is gone immediately because the pants are too big (thus the constant pulling up on the pants that probably wore out the threads on button). Without the button, the zipper keeps sliding and the pants are barely hanging on.

  • It was the kind of day that find yourself in the wrong checkout know the one where the cashier has a problem and has to call her manager. You can't change aisles because your stuff is already on the belt and someone is behind you. That's when you wonder why you decided to go on to Walmart with the drooping pants.

Today is the kind of day when I am GLAD (oh so very, very glad) that it is not Thursday.

After all, if it had been Thursday, Elisabeth would have called 911 on the phone (how did she get that phone?) instead of 711. Thank goodness, huh? I can just imagine the Fire Trucks and police cars at my house.
Now THAT would have been quite the story!

I was laughing so hard in utter disbelief that the button came off my pants that I had my husband take a picture of me. Here I am with my "Tired of Thursday" smile and my "button badge."


John & Carrie said...

LOL!!! This is an awesome post!

Jessica said...

I would be glad it's not Thursday either! That pants thing is so funny!! And Jackson DID call 911 one time. I grabbed it from him and said that he called it back accident. I'm not quite sure if it was good or bad that no one came to check..

Anonymous said...

Oh Jane Anne......what a GREAT post! And what a day!!! Ben called 911 once. He was 12 months old and playing with the phone while I changed his diaper. I hung up without realizing it and they called back. Then, a cop showed up at my house about 30 min later. Yikes! Hope you are having a great Saturday!


sarah said...

love this!